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A partnership of NYU School of Law, Harvard Law School, and the Advantage Testing Foundation.

Dean Elena Kagan nominated to Solicitor General

We congratulate Dean Elena Kagan on her nomination to Solicitor General by President Barack Obama. Pending confirmation, Dean Kagan is resigning from the Board of the Advantage Testing Foundation and from her Deanship of Harvard Law School. Dean Kagan was an original member of the AT Foundation’s Board of Trustees and a founding partner of the Trials program. Her contributions to advancing our mission have been invaluable, and her vision in shaping the Trials program will continue to benefit outstanding scholars of underrepresented backgrounds for many years to come. In addition to being one of the preeminent legal scholars of her generation, Dean Kagan is an outstanding leader and public servant. She is also a wonderful colleague, and she will be missed by her friends at Harvard, at Trials, and at the Advantage Testing Foundation.

Elena Kagan
Elena Kagan